The first 3000 kilometers: From the Russian border to Beijing

The first 3000 kilometers: From the Russian border to Beijing

Start from Mohe, northernmost point of the People’s Republic of China. The aim: reaching the southernmost point of China on a foldable 18″ bicycle. 5800 kilometers crossing all provinces that lead from Heilongjiang to the island of Hainan. This is part one of the journey, Mohe to Beijing. Btw. I am far away from being a professional cyclist nor do I have lots of experience in riding a bike. I just woke up one day with the dream of crossing China. To explore my limits and learn more about the country.

Kilometer 0 – 150 Heilongjiang to Inner Mongolia

Start at Beijicun with a fresh breeze and a great start into the journey. It was 0° Celsius and there was still snow on the highway. Beautiful scenery and the first 80 kilometers on S207 to Mohe were pure fun, road conditions couldn’t be better.

Kilometer 150-500, Mangui to Hulunbuir

I decided to take the road through Inner Mongolia. The way led via a hilly road to lots of small towns South to the cities of Genhe, Erguna and Hulunbuir along S302. THe huge grasslands are home to the mighty Mongols. Winds are incredible strong that very often pushed the bike off the road.The thin tires of my bike bursted quickly and I was constantly fixing the tires. In the end I had no choice but to seek shelter at a Mongolian family.

Kilometer 600-1165, Hulunbuir to Wulanhot

From Hulunbuir the roads S202 and S101 led further to Arxan and east to Wulanhot. Forests, creeks and hills mad this one of the most beautiful roads ever. Perfect climate and super fresh air. I loved it.

Kilometer 1165 – 1680,  Wulanhot to Siping

Time to enter the next province: Jilin. Village hopping all the way to Changchun. It got freaking warm. People are great but roads were horrible. Too much construction going on in this province. Amazing old towns though.

Kilometer 1680 – 2260 Tieling to Shanhaiguan

I loved Liaoning. What an amazing place. Shenyang is great, the cities of Huludao and Shanhaiguan are just marvelous. Cycling next to the Bohai is one of my highlights so far. Absolutely fantastic sceneries all the way to the first section of the Chinese great wall in Shanhaiguan.

Kilometer 2260 -2560  Hebei to Beijing

Next is Hebei province, home to the heavy industry sector of China. The dirtiest province I’ve ever traveled to. Wearing a mask all day. People cheer up my mood.

Finally. The first half was done, I arrived in Beijing. After more than a month I finally cycled the first 2500 kilometers. The bike needs a makeover and I took a break in order to get ready for the next half.

See you on the road,

Your Joerg

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