Bangalore City Shots #2

Bangalore City Shots #2

Yoga even effects the traffic of Bangalore. I found this a few times within my walks through the city, hung up on doorways.

The bull temple houses, what a surprise, a bull, representing the god Shiva. The bull itself was made out of a huge monolith. A shot from the outside of the temple.

Everyday I passed these houses they set me into a good mood. With its strong colour and its beautiful exterior, nobody would guess it lies in the same neighborhood like the groggy shelters; Koramangala.

A shot that I took on my way back to the apartment, the main street with restaurants, shopping malls, streetfood and a pile of cars.

I had the honour of participating in an Indian house bleesing ceremony, called Puja. The priest offers fruits, spices, flowers to the different gods garnished with prayers spoken in sanskrit.

Elephant God Ganesha. Almost every house has a statue, plate or picture of this god in or outside the house, worshiped with flowers.

The botanical garden in Bangalore, a huge park with a glass house in the middle, nicely illuminated in the evening.

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