My China Dream. The vision of crossing China on a foldable bicycle.

My China Dream. The vision of crossing China on a foldable bicycle.

We all have dreams. Now I’ll try to realize mine. Crossing China by bike while searching for the China Dream. The journey starts in the northernmost part of China, Mohe in Heilongjiang and will lead through different places across China. Dream On!

Joerg Hoefer

I am Jorg but in China many just call me Brother Yue since it sounds similar to my original name. Thinking of myself being an active and adventurous guy with the aim to live my dreams, I am addicted to sports like paragliding, rock climbing, snowboarding, diving and nowadays, long distance cycling. It’s the experience of going to my limits while learning new things. I studied a graduate program at Zhejiang University in Hangzhou about Chinese culture and society.

What’s the plan?

Dreaming seems a new trend in China, since approved being officially approved since 2013. I find hundreds of banners all around Hangzhou telling about the China Dream. “China Dream – Your Dream” – is the message of the government. Let’s explore it.joerg hoefer
So after listening about the concept in class & reading about it in academic papers, I decided to give the thing a small twist. Instead of sitting in the library I will go out for an adventure crossing China while gaining more understanding about the people their mindset and perception towards the China Dream concept. All across the country.

The China Dream on a foldable bike?

Challenging myself I decided to do that on a bicycle. It’s the most efficient and nature friendly way of transport. The bike is small & foldable, so it fits into anywhere. And I am a huge fan of practical things.

China Dream by bike

The estimated route of the journey will start in the northernmost city of China, Mohe, on the Russian border. From there, I will go direction South through various provinces of China. The way will lead through rural villages as well as urban metropolis. Historic sites and modern architecture. From one province to another. From Mountains to the Sea. The way tells the story, with the China Dream as the framework.

Most important is that you can directly become a part of the trip in case I will pass by your city one day. Show me your city, your life, provide me a couch for sleeping or just follow the stories as they happen along the way.

The road to China Dream

Why do I that?

Because I’m a dreamer too. (more about me)

It’s a mix between passion, curiosity and madness. Over the years, I developed a thirst for pushing myself to the limits of both my physical and mental comfort zone. Traveling brings me in contact with the local people and other travelers, their lives, thoughts, joys and fears. I am aware that not everybody is able to leave home for a long time. Thus traveling is a chance to enrich both sides as it brings together the perspective of the local with the alien and became  one of the most precious ways of learning – not studying about theoretical science.

Current Status

Train tickets booked, bike runs smoothly, camera batteries charged. I am ready to embark on the Mission: China Dream. Special thanks in advance to Brother Zhang for sponsoring lots of bike accessories to me.

my bike

See you in Mohe.

Your Jorg

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  1. James says:

    You’re doing great Yorkie!!! You’re my LODI! Will definitely join you someday…soon!

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