Hangzhou – Check In

Hangzhou – Check In

The new express train named Xie He gets me within an hour to neighboring Hangzhou. I get off the train and so do thousands of other people. It is crowded, but it feels alright.

A subway that is in operation since only few weeks drives me to the station I’d chosen to get on a bus. But it’s already 9 clock in the evening and there are no buses anymore. I’m going to take a taxi. This chap is  as frosty as the weather outside.

Arriving at the apartment complex I make the guard understand that my future room mate has left the keys for the apartment that I need right now. After some communication problems he leads me to the apartment, welcoming me with awesome interior. Surprise surprise.

With the former intern Sebastian, resident of the big apartment, and his girlfriend  I will share many experiences  until 4 clock in the morning. The beginning of an interesting second stay in China.

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