Losing my heart in Ergun

Losing my heart in Ergun

It was my relaxation day and so I just share the places I visited within the city of Erguna, add my humble opinion and tell you a German’s love story.

That day’s 25 km from Shangkuli to Erguna were like a walk in the park compared to the ordinary 100+ kilometer tours. A short ride next to the picturesque scenery of never ending fields and sleeping farmers.

Erguna Museum (free entrance)

Quick wrap-up of Erguna’s history: Hasar was once given this land from Chenghis Khan himself, and so colonized by the Mongols. There is the Erguna river that used to be full of gold, in the 20th century the area was occupied by the Japanese. Russia were involved in the defeat against the Japanese invaders. Erguna signed a treaty with Russia, and so many Russian people migrated to this area. Now it’s home to the acknowledged Russian minority that mingled with the Han Chinese culture. Wanna know more details, just come to Ergun city.

Erguna Wetland Park (20 Yuan)

My guesthouse (for which I again only pay 30 bugs) is near Asia’s biggest wetland. The entrance fee 20 Yuan. Actually. But if you come after 7pm the ladies at the counter go home and so the entrance is free. (The ladies really didn’t let me in until they themselves went home…) The view from the deck is just stunning, especially at sunset.

Hasar street and Hasar Square

The city might be small but beautiful. Especially in the night. So grab your girl or boy, if you have one, by the hand and take a walk along the lit up city. But don’t forget the sweater, temperature drops at night.

Cool character, gentle shape, irresistible!

I fell in love with Tieshan, the best ice cream ever. The store is called after the boss. It might just look like a soft ice without any topping but trust me, it doesn’t need any. It’s just fresh milk from the owners own pasture. Simply phenomenal fantastic fresh milk. This ice cream is even brought to the city of Harbin in 900 kilometers distance. The 5 Yuan for the ice cream will directly turn into happiness. If not, I’ll eat your’s.


Talking about food. Due to so many Russian influence within Eerguna you also find one of the best breads here. Milky, fluffy, oven warm fresh bread. With and without jam. One of the places to recommend is the small but famous bakery Liuji, but Lilia also sells amazing bread as the locals say. The owners belong to the Chinese Russian Minority. If you come to Inner Mongolia, consider visiting Erguna. Next stop: Hulunbuir!

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