No more thieves in Zhengzhou?

No more thieves in Zhengzhou?


From Songshan it’s only a short way until I arrive in Zhengzhou. I was warned about all the criminals of Zhengzhou that are all about stealing my belongings. And despite I was even waiting at the train station, the mekka of theft, the only thing that was taken from me was my breath about how busy the city is. What is true about Zhengzhou is that it is THE transportation hub of China. Most of the trains and trucks eventually have to cross Zhengzhou one day. So the only really danger here seems to be the traffic and not the criminals on the street. Still, you gotta be careful no matter where you go. Truism.

God of War in Xuchang

From Zhengzhou, the way continues down South. Next destination is Xuchang, where I met a new friend, Emma that I know from another Indian friend. It’s all about networks in China. We are wandering along the city visiting the temple that was built by Cao Cao to persuade Guanyu to stay in what now is Xuchang – without success though. Maybe you remember the former article about the peach orchard?! It’s that popular Guan Yu who swore brotherhood with Liu Bei and Zhang Fei and that lay that itchy curse over me…
During lunch, Emma who is a Japanese lecturer at the university, talks with me about the whole conflict about Japan and China, this love-hate relationship between the two nations. On the one side, history will never be forgotten – memorials will always remind us of the past. But on the other side, I figured that there is an openness and admiration by young Chinese people for all the stuff that Japan is famous for, such as Manga, Japanese food, the respectful dealing with each other, she says. German history is tainted with blood too. And despite the guilt was acknowledged, that doesn’t make things undone. However, isn’t it time to move on instead of remaining in hatred? Having held this conversation for many times I am glad that I met Emma who has an open view on the whole issue.

Crossing South Henan

The next 80 Kilometers lead me to the city of Luohe. There is nothing going on to be honest, apart from the usual street performance dances. Unfortunately I couldn’t wait for my good friend Danny who will have a football match the week after, and so I move on to the next place – Zhumadian. Roads aren’t the best, but see it yourself:
The last place on my Henan adventure is the city of Xinyang, giving me a great farewell from Henan province. I propably found China’s highest hostel. The view, the owner, the place – everything “high end”. A place to have a rest and eat before the next province will be conquered – Hubei!



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