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No more thieves in Zhengzhou?

Zhengzhou From Songshan it’s only a short way until I arrive in Zhengzhou. I was warned about all the criminals of Zhengzhou that are all about stealing my belongings. And despite I was even waiting at the train station, the mekka of theft, the only thing that was taken from me was my breath about…
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Things to see in Luoyang & why Shaolin Temple can destroy childhood dreams

Day 61. I arrived in Luoyang, the city that was home to 13 dynasties. These are the highlights of the city and the nearby things to see. Longmeng Stone Grottos If you are excited about tens of thousands of buddhist statues carved into stone then this is heaven. It’s shame that that thousands of these…
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Meet Taiji Master Li from Chenjiagou

Time warp. From Hebi, the travel leads to Xinxiang, a small city in Henan province. The time for the college entrance examination had begun, as far as I can see from the red banners that are posted onto the entrances of many high schools. After talking to friends, high school students and parents, I personally…
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