Finding the magical “Yuan Fen” in Tieling

Finding the magical “Yuan Fen” in Tieling

I arrive in the nice city of Siping on the footsteps of the next province, Liaoning. Same old happy picture: People dancing, beating spinning torps, flying drones etc. The same is going in Tieling, another 80 Kilometers further from Siping. The hometown to one of Chinas most popular comedians, Zhao Benshan. People here are in a great mood. So I enjoy my time listening to people play the flute, watch square dancing and working out myself on the playground together with the senior generation.

As the sun sets my hunger leads me into a small cozy noodle house. Whenever you meet great people you might have heard people mentioning the term “Yuanfen”. We in Western countries might refer to this Yuanfen as destiny or lucky coincidence to come across splendid people. In China I often hear people expressing the happiness of making new acquaintances. That they are glad to meet someone they wouldn’t usually meet. Thus Yuanfen seems to be a rare occasion. There is even a Chinese saying:

有缘千里来相会, destiny will bring us together over a thousand miles.

I feel truly blessed having lots of Yuanfen in the past. However, I believe that the more you go out the more Yuanfen you’ll find. It’s a self fulfilling prophecy。

Alright, now coming back to the noodle house. That’s where I get to know Adu, the young multi-talent who is totally amazed by my trip over crossing China. Besides noodles she sells make-up via Wechat and also introduces me to Zhibo, the Chinese form of live-boradcasting.

I never heard about that Zhibo before but it seems to be tremendously popular in China right now. The broadcasting people, mostly girls with heavy make up on, are sitting in front of their phones starring into the camera having not much to say but waiting for the Hongbao (electronic money envelopes) to fly in. But if used in a creative way, I think this a great way for artists to promote themselves, sell things or broadcast from the roads of China. I might consider setting up an account when convenient as well. (however you won’t see me naked, ever)

The next day, Adu surprisingly drives over to give me a huge bag of food and beverages. Now the way to Shenyang is much easier. Again, destiny was involved in the journey. It’s indeed Yuanfen.


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