About me

 I am inspired by people, 


who try to do the impossible.
who believe in themselves and their ideas.
who act to fulfill their dreams.
who overcome their own fears and limits.
who dare to do mistakes.
who create their own path.
who strive to change the world for the better.

Welcome to the platform of merged passions!

Hi, my name is Jorg and I started this project out of pure passion for everything. It’s about challenging ones limits, asking questions about life and practicing compassion. I happen to be overly excited about being alive, so I am trying to make new experiences and learn from others as much as possible.

During my journey through life I met some incredible people in wonderful places, learned new languages, participated in social projects, engaged in local development programs, worked or have been just backpacking around. The definition of what authors call “scanner personality” matches with my symptoms quite well. Whether it is Buddhist philosopy, Indonesian cuisine, the craft of makrame, Nepalese sports, Japanese movies, Chinese traditional musical instruments etc. I am amazed by hundreds of things around me. I won’t be able to master them all (or maybe not even one of them), but at least I can experience and write about them.