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“A ship in the harbour is safe, but that is not what ships are built for.”

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From the road.

I share my experiences that travel has taught me, the insights that I learned from all different kinds of people and my philosphy of life practicing minimalism, compassion and mindfulness.

The People behind the Chinese Dream.

5800 kilometers from the border of Russia down to Vietnam on a foldable bicycle searching for meaning behind the concept of the often stated ‘Chinese Dream’. A Laowai’s (foreigners) view on modern day China.

Hitchhiking to the Tibetan area.

Tramping a distance of over 6000 kilometers from the developed coastal area of China to the Tibetan areas of Western Sichuan and Qinghai. An intracultural observation between bullet trains and buddhism.

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Is this really the end?

Here we are: Hainan Island. From here, it was only another 315 kilometers until the end. That might sound much at first. But reminding that more than 5000 kilometer are already[…]

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Crossing the Ocean

There we are, in Guangdong. I finally made it to the last province on mainland. Here in a small town named Shijiao, 100 kilometer away from the city of Yulin.[…]

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Pitstop in Germany

This is an extra photo post. Not directly related to all the bike riding. After arriving in Yangshuo with bamboo rafting and swims in the Li river I took a[…]

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