Is this really the end?

Is this really the end?

Here we are: Hainan Island. From here, it was only another 315 kilometers until the end. That might sound much at first. But reminding that more than 5000 kilometer are already behind me this is almost nothing. So when being there, lets enjoy some of the holiday feeling before moving on.
There were two options: Riding over the Mount Wuzhi or riding along the coast line. And since this is quite a mountain to climb, I decided to take the smooth route to Qionghai and from there to Wanning. It is an amazing feeling to ride along these places. It feels like being on vacation, riding one of these rental bikes. These small towns between the city Haikou and Wanning are beautiful. I mean they still look Chinese with their main road and the food stalls next to the street, but houses with balconies and flowers hanging from the windows somehow remind me of being in Mallorca in Spain.
These 3 days of riding through this tropical paradise went by super quick. I hardly take any photos on the road, just enjoy the landscape with the palm trees, the water and the lush green scenery. I switch from isotonic water to fresh coconut milk, eat noodle soup for breakfast and seafood barbecue for dinner.
Between Qionghai and Wanning, I take a short break in the small town of Hele, which translates into happines and peace. Indeed, the town is quite. During my rest, I buy a soy milk when starting a conversation with the young shop keeper. This young fellow, 28, has been working almost everywhere in Guangdong and Fujian as a construction and factory worker. Now he tries his luck in this small village. The shop he opened is more a wooden shack selling cookies, cigarettes and cool drinks. This place was closer to his family, less stressful work, he explains. And hopefully this place is developing in the future, so he can make a good living from the tourists passing by. People on a bike, like me.
Is this the end?
It is the last day. Only 135 kilometers left. I could not believe when I started this journey and I also could not imagine that this journey will end that day. Mixed feelings between joy and sadness. I will have 7 hours to prepare for the moment I will arrive on the beach. The last day of the ride is again hot with a gentle breeze from the ocean. Blue sky like on my very first day from Mohe to Beijicun. Just about 30 degrees warmer.
There is only one wide road leading into the tourism metropolis Sanya. What you might not see as a tourist are the construction sites everywhere. Investment is huge, the city of Sanya is expanding quickly. I approach the city from the East, take a turn to the left and directly cycle down South. My final destination: Dadong Beach.

I reached. With my feet in the sand and the bike next to me. I did it. 5800 Kilometers are behind me. I had met so many people, seen so many places, experienced so much during the last 95 days. With the face to the ocean I fall to my knees and take off my helmet. My journey is over.

Clover gives me a hug happily, congratulating me that I am still alive. The tourists around me might think I am crazy. There is this foreigner with all his bags and a bike in the sand, holding a huge banner with 岳哥去哪儿 in his hands, tears in his eyes and a smile in his face. The journey that I dreamed about had finally come true. With more experiences in between than I could ever imagine before I started this project.

We used the coming 5 days to stay in Sanya. Just trying to understand that this journey just came to an end. And I will use the next article to wrap up the whole journey.
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