Between two giants

Between two giants

Wuhan to Changsha

The journey between the two provincial capitals Wuhan and Changsha stretches over 350 kilometers that took me 4 days time. In between these two huge metropolitan concrete jungles, the way led me through some historical places that I have never heard of before but are known by almost every Chinese. The city of Chibi. 
Honestly, I have never heard of that place before. I really should have paid more attention during history lectures. The Battle of Red Cliff took place here in 208 AD. That year, Sun Quan and Liu Bei fought against the troops of Cao Cao. Despite being outnumbered Sun Quan and Liu Bei together destroyed the army of Cao Cao, who commanded an army at least twice as the size of his enemy. Apart from the red cliff, Chibi didn’t have much to offer. Time for another spectacular battle! Pillow Fights anybody? 


An amazing city. Maybe I liked the city because when I arrived summer was in full glory. Not only because of the name, which includes the first letter of hero Yue and is also a character within my Chinese name. But the city has a long pedestrian street which is not too busy, is surrounded by the beautiful Dongting lake and can boast with the Tower of Yueyang, who was destroyed 32 times (!!!) and always built up new again. I hope construction number 33 will be the final version.



We’ve had Chibi and Yueyang. Now let’s come to the highlight: Miluo. As I crossed a bridge, I realised that there are awkwardly houses standing inside the river. But that is not the only special thing. It is the river itself. It is the Miluo River!!! From here it flows back to Yueyang and into Jangtze river. But that’s not even that important. The Miluo river is the place where poet Qu Yuan ended his life during the Warring States period for the sake of the country. What that means is that I am standing at the origin of the Dragon Boat Festival. Enthusiastically I am asking the next shop to sell me a 粽子. As I didn’t find any of the delicious rice snacks, I start to understand a little bit better how desperate Qu Yuan must have been. However, thanks to Qu Yuan for jumping into the water and the destiny to have encountered so many cultural places on my way to… Changsha!
Stay positive, 
Your Yuege


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