Something like work

Something like work

From the Mao cult in Shaoshan the journey goes on. The next bigger settlements are mostly unknown to me. They carry names like Shuangfeng, Shaoyang and Dongan. Each of them with a distance of 80 kilometers in between. I realize how this whole journey became more like a job to me:
Wake up early in the morning, have a wash and breakfast,
Get on the bike and struggle until noon,
Have lunch break somewhere on the way,
Go back on the bike and ride until evening,
Find a place to eat and sleep.




It’s becoming a daily pattern that you don’t really question anymore. You just do it. And that’s where I somewhat lose passion. Thus I gotta challenge myself to see every day with new eyes, do things different than the day before, set different aims for the day.
Actually, the whole experience is very similar project work. First you plan, then you start executing. Enthusiasm occasionally turns into doubtfulness when others say your idea isn’t going to work. There are many obstacles on the way that will make you fall. Just stand up again. If you are persistent and continuously put efforts in the project, you will eventually reach your goal. And even if you don’t,  at least you made a priceless experience. I kept riding. Only 1000 kilometers were left to finish my project.

Stay positive!



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