Pitstop in Germany

Pitstop in Germany

This is an extra photo post. Not directly related to all the bike riding.

After arriving in Yangshuo with bamboo rafting and swims in the Li river I took a break from the trip. It was time to take vacation from the vacation. So I went to Germany. One month with family and friends, a month without riding. A month of rest. These are some impressions of the things that I usually do 12000 kilometers away.
climbing with my best friends
Being away gives you the chance to see things from a distant perspective. It is almost like stepping out of a picture that you usually are a part of. So I used this month to get some space between me and all the things that happened on the road. Just to go to a different place doing something completely unrelated. After this month, it was like an additional boost of motivation to continue and finish the whole trip. So I spent these days:
at my good friend’s wedding
…with family

There was only a slight twist in the plan. I had to enroll for the next semester and additionally present a proposal of my final thesis. However, I already booked a ticket back to Guilin. This meant that I only had 15 days from Yangshuo down to Sanya.


So from Frankfurt, I flew to Shanghai. Took the train to Hangzhou, enrolled at the university again. Took the train to Guilin for 16 hours and the bus to Yangshuo. From there the mission continued…
Your Joerg

德国岳凯涵骑一辆小折叠车5800公里穿越中国 。扫一扫,走吧!Me and an 18″ foldable bike. The mission: 5800 kilometer through China. If you wanna be part of the adventure, just scan the QR code. Let’s ride!

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