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What to do in … Fulda

Mostly, we travel in the biggest and most famous cities of a country. But apart from these tourist destinations, there is so much more to discover. Like Fulda. Only an hour of train ride out of Frankfurt/ Main the beautiful city of Fulda is definitely worth a stop. What is there to see and do? It’s…
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Why you should travel your own country

We travel across the whole world and explore the biggest landmarks. May it be the Taj Mahal, the Eiffel tower or old Inka trails. Ancient temples, pristine beaches and spectacular architecture. Maybe traveling in another country seems more interesting because the looks are so exotic to one’s eyes. Maybe it’s the unknown that we are…
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“Main” attractions in Frankfurt

My Germany tour starts in the middle of the country, in the financial center of Germany, Frankfurt/ Main. For all those you only have a short stay, here are the main sights worth to see in the city. All the places are within walking distance or a short metro ride. Talking about public transportation. the…
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