Mohe on Fire

Mohe on Fire

I wanted to start day 2 with a hot shower. But did you know that many homes still do not have them?  “The public shower place is at the next crossroad”, tells me the lady amused. Okay, when in Rome do as the Romans do…

After having traditional beef noodles for breakfast I take a tour to enjoy the architecture in Mohe.

Then I get my stuff ready and start cycling along the province road S207 leading through Heilongjiang province. Few kilometers later I stand in front of a shield that forces me to decide.

Left or right? It’s almost a philosophical question. Staying on S207 means passing through Daxinganling in Heilongjiang province, one of the biggest cool temperate forests in China.

Turning right means going South to Inner Mongolia with the destination Hulunbuir with huge grasslands and Mongolian tents. (However the best season to go there would beJuly to August as the locals tell me)

In order to get my mind clear I decide to first visit ‘九曲十八弯’. It’s a view post around 15 kilometers from Mohe from where you have  a spectacular view.

After enjoying the spectacular view I take some rest in front the view post when suddenly a local villager cycles up the hill. ‘Add oil’ I cheer him up. He works for the forest fire protection and tells me about the big fire in 1987 that burned down a huge forest area and nearby villages killing dozens of people. He advises me to visit the memorial in Mohe which is indeed worth a visit and free of charge. Nowadays hundreds of local’s work is related to prevent future fires in the forests. My respect to the villagers!

The visit of the memorial takes a long time and I decide to stay in this lovely small city for another night. But not before I eat some of the local Jiaozi (also available with frog stuffing) and interview the waiter of the restaurant.

Oh, and what about my decision? I’ll tell you in the next article.


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