Shaoxing – The cradle of calligraphy

Shaoxing – The cradle of calligraphy

Located between Hangzhou and Ningbo is the city of Shaoxing with its 4.3 million inhabitants. One of its main attractions of the city is the Orchid Pavilion. Among China’s most famous calligrapher, Wang Xizhi, wrote his masterpieces about at this place. Now wonder, it’s a very peaceful place and the birds chirping inspire a lot. The mountain panorama plus a river literally invites to compose lyrical texts and paintings.

Together with Chinese students that we will meet in the park we have a chat and enjoy the harmony together.

We take a long time to stroll around the park when we meet a young woman who shows me how I can write my Chinese name nicer. “You aren’t a calligraphy teacher, are you?” we joke with her. She laughs heartily and admits that she actually is. Probably the best place of meeting a calligraphy teacher.  An exciting tour of the clear and harmonious park.  Unfortunately we were too late for the pagoda on the mountain, but not for learning a lot about Chinese music and the nice shopkeeper instruments of the music store.

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