There is not really much that is worth to mention here on the road. Kilometers of riding through the area until I arrived in the city of Hebi. Mass construction on dirty roads and a German guy on a little bike that starts to get worse and worse.

Tires break more often, brakes start to get lose. And I hear the voices of all the people in my head again: “That bike is too small.” It is not only too small. It is totally unsuitable for this kind of tour. But with this journey comes the message I try to convey: It is not your tools that make projects work, it is you. Don’t look at the things that you don’t have, see what you can do with the things that are given to you.

Lets see it from another perspective: Do you take better pictures, when you use the best camera available? Of course, you might say. You’re right. But if so, why isn’t everybody a professional photographer who can afford the best gear? Does it maybe take something more than just the suitable equipment? I believe that we should more focus on the goals we seek to achieve rather than on the tools that are available to us. That we may pay less attention to the things that we cannot achieve, and more focus on what is actually possible. It’s undeniable that for some it’s tougher right from the start, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t start at all. Requirements aren’t perfect. In most of the cases, they will never be. But still, I believe when accept the things that are given to us and keep the spirit high, we will eventually achieve our goal one day. That’s why I kept fixing my bike.
Over and over again.

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