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“Main” attractions in Frankfurt

My Germany tour starts in the middle of the country, in the financial center of Germany, Frankfurt/ Main. For all those you only have a short stay, here are the main sights worth to see in the city. All the places are within walking distance or a short metro ride. Talking about public transportation. the…
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To Do in Cebu – a free city tour

Certainly, Magellan and his fellowship would give a high five if they knew that their gifts became famous sights of Cebu. When the missionary Magellan stranded 1521 in Cebu he erected a cross and brought a Jesus Doll that he gave to the queen. Today, thousands of people come to praise the doll of Santo Nino…
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Bangalore City Shots #1

Bangalore is the capital city of the province called Karnataka. With a population of more than 8 million people and at least the same amount of motorbikes it’s the biggest city within this state.

Bangalore Black ‘n White

Directly on the main street: the charming pork hotel.