Bangalore City Shots #1

Bangalore City Shots #1

Bangalore is the capital city of the province called Karnataka. With a population of more than 8 million people and at least the same amount of motorbikes it’s the biggest city within this state.

A typical form of transportation is the auto rickshaw, short “auto”. Even if there’s a meter allowing a fair price, the drivers (or regarding their driving style rather called rick racers) rarely agree on using it, no matter whether you’re local or not.

The Mahathma Gandhi Road is a central spot for roaming around, shopping or pubbing. From streetfood to Norton Anti Virus. Here you’ll find almost everything.

Also a very famous, and even more colorful place, the Gandhi Bazaar in the district Jayanagar. Especially the flowers and fruits on the side walk are an eye catcher, not to mention the sparks of the knife sharper’s machine.


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