A meeting with Santa Claus

A meeting with Santa Claus

I finally reached the Northern tip of China  – Beijicun, literally meaning northernmost village. It was the perfect ­place for preparing my trip, take a walk­ and relax.

That time the village was empty. And I cannot­ imagine the amount of people who must be coming here every summer to see the northern lights. Right then there was nothing ex­cept few local villagers and some bored soldie­rs guarding the Chinese border. The rest was just some icy landscape in the sun, birds singing in the forest and hor­ses playing on the lawn.

Beiji Town is a tiny small tourist village­ that even raises 60 Yuan (10 Euros) as an entrance fee. Bu­t therefore everything is the northernmo­st something: the School, the bus station, even the post ­office. It is all marketed as being the Northernmost. Villagers are am­azingly friendly, if you get to meet one.

And this is the view to the Russian side. Forest as far as the eye can see!

The most ridiculuous thing is: There in Beijicun is a place nearby called the Christmas Town, where all around the year, a guy from Northern Europe is hired to play Santa Claus, giving presents to every tourist. Job requirements: Blonde hair, long beard, and tall. So I was off the list… But I was fortunate enough to met this fellow. But nobody takes pictures of Father Christmas!

After spending two days strolling around in this lovely town and eating some local dishes, I was ready to start off when things got serious!

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